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EEEGR’s Skills for Energy 2020 event addresses the skills shortage head on

EEEGR’s Skills for Energy 2020 event will take place on Wednesday, November 25. The event brings students, teachers and education providers together with industry to highlight potential career paths and the full range of prospects available within the dynamic and exciting energy sector.
Skills for Energy
Skills for Energy 2020 is a free, digital event for both attendees and exhibitors. Picture: EEEGR

As new projects, technologies and developments open up ever more opportunities for a career in energy in the East of England, the industry must also weather additional challenges such as post-Brexit skills shortages, as well as a deficit of STEM students from the UK. Skills for Energy seeks to inform and inspire young people who aren’t sure how to access the varied and exciting range of jobs in the sector.
Skills for Energy 2020 is a free, digital event for both attendees and exhibitors. Thanks to lead event sponsor OPITO, and sponsors ECITB and Gee-Force, the event is an invaluable resource for young people who want to develop their understanding, and for the educators that teach them. All content will be recorded, making it accessible on demand at a later date.
For schools, the event helps count towards Gatsby Benchmarks for careers provision. For students, there are interviews with graduates, apprentices and industry experts where interviewees will explain how subjects they studied at school have linked with their careers. This also provides them with the opportunity to ask questions to event contributors, getting direct, unfiltered answers. There will also be sector overviews where students can learn what it takes to work in the diverse energy industry.
Martin Dronfield, EEEGR chair, said: “With pleasure and great pride I will be lending my support to the EEEGR Skills for Energy event. I cannot think of a more important way of investing our own personal energy than helping to get young people, and those currently outside our industry, inspired by the energy sector and the Skills for Energy programme is an amazing vehicle helping to achieve those goals.

If you’re reading this, get behind it, share it and put the full weight of support behind it.”
Jill Glennie, director of external affairs at OPITO, said: “Climate change is one of the most important challenges we face today, with a highly-skilled, sustainable talent pipeline at the forefront of our ability to deliver the solutions needed to achieve a low-carbon economy.

“As an organisation responsible for training more than 375,000 people each year, in 200 centres across 50 countries, OPITO is working to deliver the training and skills development needed to support the world’s net zero ambitions. Part of that role involves showcasing the vital contribution the energy sector makes to society, as well as exciting and varied learning opportunities a career in this industry can provide to young people, who are one of the key catalysts for change.

“That is why our continued partnership with EEEGR, and our participation in the Skills for Energy (SfE) programme is so important. As well as providing us with a platform through which to share our insights and learnings – with both students and education providers – on the core skills needed, it also gives us an opportunity to highlight the range of prospects the sector has to offer.

“Through collaborative efforts like this, we hope to spark an interest among the next generation, helping to grow the diverse pipeline needed to deliver a viable energy system that is fit for the future, and make a difference for years to come.”
If you or someone you know is interested in a career in energy or considering their future pathway, registration is free and can be made here: