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Clean energy industry leader steps into the EEEGR chair

The East of England Energy Group (EEEGR), the all energy trade organisation in the East of England, is delighted to announce that energy industry leader Martin Dronfield has taken up the role as its chair, replacing Patrick Phelan.
Martin Dronfield
Martin Dronfield has been announced as the new chair of the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR). Picture: EEEGR

Headquartered in Great Yarmouth, EEEGR has worked tirelessly at the heart of the East of England’s energy business for close to 20 years. It represents the region’s vibrant energy supply chain and has been pivotal in a significant number of successful supplier activities and has helped attract investment into the region across several energy sectors.
The organisation is perhaps best known for its annual Southern North Sea (SNS) conference, held at the Norfolk Showground each year which attracts upwards of 1,500 visitors. This year, the event was hosted online and hailed a huge success, offering a key-note presentation from the Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, as well as a number of senior industry leaders sharing their views along with networking opportunities amongst the 400 delegates.
Martin, who is the commercial director at the Norfolk-based clean energy consultancy Opergy Limited, as well as the East of England’s offshore wind cluster champion and a non-executive director of RenewableUK, said:
 “I’m quite humbled to have been given the opportunity to take over the role of EEEGR chair from Patrick and I want to personally thank him for all his efforts in steering EEEGR forward over the past few years.
"It is an organisation I have been involved with [or around] since its formation by John Best in 2001 and although the circumstances in the world today make it very difficult for organisations like EEEGR, I’m excited about the opportunity ahead of us. We are entering a new phase in the global energy supply economy as the world seeks to achieve NET Zero carbon emissions and reverse the effects of global warming and the need for organisations like EEEGR has never been as high.
"The Energy Transition away from fossil-based fuels and the exponential increase in affordable clean energy is feeding a huge increase in the electrification of our world and it’s changing our daily lives, and it feels as though we are just starting to make a difference.
"But there is so much more to do, our region, the East of England, is already a leader in many forms of energy production including our existing and still strong gas production infrastructure and excitingly our region is already playing a major role in the supply of the UK’s clean energy from offshore wind, onshore wind, onshore solar, onshore biomethane and potentially soon from new nuclear and hydrogen.
"I want EEEGR to be at the heart of our region's energy revolution with a clear vision of uniting our members, our stakeholders and our energy companies both in and outside the region. I want EEEGR to be an organisation admired as an exemplar of how a regional energy association works, and I want EEEGR through its efforts to drive growth in the region's supply chain. Finally, I want EEEGR to be part of a powerful regional lobby that ensures the East of England is recognised on a national and global stage and goes on to receive its fair share of investment in our energy assets.
"The East of England has been the UK Energy Powerhouse for over 50 years, I hope, that in my new role, I can help steer EEEGR and the regions efforts to keep it that way for many more years to come.”
Simon Gray, the CEO EEEGR, said: “With Martin now coming in as chair of EEEGR it will mean that we will be able to carry on working with one another collaboratively. We worked closely when Martin was at James Fisher and built a strong understanding of one another. We both want to see the very best for our region, to grow the overall energy job market and create opportunities for young people in particular. Martin is the perfect ambassador for our region and with his directorship of RUK it will help bring these important organisations even closer together."
Chris Starkie, chief executive of New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “I’m delighted that Martin is taking over the role as chair of EEEGR. We work very closely with EEEGR, in particular through our All Energy Industry Council, to enhance and promote our region’s clean energy sector and our world-leading expertise.”
Jonathan Cole, managing director, Iberdrola Renewables Offshore Wind Division [SPR], said: “I’m delighted to see that Martin is taking over as the EEEGR chair and wish him and the organisation the very best of luck going forward. ScottishPower Renewables has enjoyed a special relationship with EEEGR and with the East of England for a number of years and our sponsorship of its Southern North Sea annual conference has provided us with an excellent platform for engagement with the region and its stakeholders. I very much look forward to that relationship continuing.”