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Adapting to a changing energy landscape

The East of England Energy Zone (EEEZ) is adapting to meet the ever-growing demands of the energy sector by providing a gateway to the incredible opportunities that the region has to offer.
Ian Pease started work this week as the Business Development Manager at the OrbisEnergy centre in Lowestoft. Picture: OrbisEnergy
As part of this, we have recognised the need to develop our own identity to drive the developments we all want to see in the energy sector. We are striving to establish the East of England as a world leading energy region, while confirming its place as the UK’s energy capital.
The EEEZ’s unique blend of energy generation is driving the UK’s transition to Net Zero and decarbonisation. We are well placed to deliver innovative solutions to help create a clean future for us all by acting as the custodians of this transition.
Some of the world’s largest offshore windfarms are set to be built off the Norfolk and Suffolk coast, including Norfolk Vanguard, Norfolk Boreas and the East Anglia Hub, as the Government ramps up its efforts to meet the aim of 40GW of offshore wind power by 2030. The extensive gas infrastructure in our region can also be used to support new hydrogen solutions and carbon capture and storage, while Sizewell B in Suffolk has been generating 1.2GW of clean energy since 1995.
The transition towards Net Zero is creating huge investment opportunities both offshore and onshore and the EEEZ is dedicated to serving as both the entry point to access multiple agencies and to being a partner to facilitate collaborations, supporting inward investment in the region.
The East of England is making a significant contribution towards the Prime Minister’s ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution, which is set to create 250,000 jobs. Offshore wind, hydrogen and nuclear power form a significant part of the proposals and the region’s infrastructure, experience and facilities can be a key part of making them a reality.
We will ensure that our aims and policies closely align with that of the Government, meaning the agendas of our partners are as relevant as they can be. By placing innovation and forward thinking at the heart of what we do, the EEEZ will lead the UK’s energy transition.
The EEEZ is adapting to fit the needs of the UK’s energy revolution, ensuring that our partners and businesses make the most of the exciting opportunities that the region possesses. 
We will continue to adjust as clean energy develops further, focussing on solutions and opportunities that result in sustainable employment and new investment. The EEEZ will play a pivotal role in this process by facilitating and establishing key collaborations between our stakeholders in Norfolk and Suffolk and the international energy community.