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UXO and EOD experts team up to offer expanded services

UXOcontrol, the Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) risk mitigation solutions expert has entered into an exclusive partnership with the leading UXO and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) solutions provider, Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance Clearance Action (EORCA) UK, to support its further growth in the market.
Adrian Dann (left), director and founder of EORCA UK, and Martin Sisley from UXO Control sign the partnership agreement. Picture: UXO

The partnership will allow UXOcontrol to deliver high-quality EOD services with quick response teams, permits and assets ready to serve clients within 24 hours all over Europe.

The agreement will see UXOcontrol expand its already wide range of EOD equipment, trained technicians and its existing portfolio with the “Barracuda” bomb and mine disposal system, designed by EORCA; a modular self-filled explosive charge with a Non-Electric (NONEL) remote initiation system. Expeditionary EOD spreads, including two Remote Ordnance Lifting Systems (ROLS) to transfer ammunitions away from critical assets, EOD support vessels and temporary storage facilities are also part of the joint assets.

In addition, exclusive use of EORCA UK's new “HYDRA” - Hyper-Water Jet Disruptor System - which offers a “Low-Order” / “Disintegration” solution alternative. "This is a real breakthrough in the market and provides our answer for a safer and sustainable world," said Martin Sisley from UXOcontrol. "EORCA’s highly experienced and fully qualified specialist EOD supervisors, technicians and mine clearance divers will work alongside our EOD specialists, ROV teams and survey personnel to relocate, identify and advise on the execution of UXO/EOD operations, both offshore and nearshore.

"Our business management system is state of the art; risk assessments, EOD procedures, licences and permits are in place to deliver all EOD solutions."

Lt Cdr Adrian Dann, EORCA’s founder, commented: “Having operated as an EOD and UXO provider within oil and gas, offshore renewables and British nuclear industries for over 18 years, we have developed and maintained a long-standing relationship with over 30 former members of the Royal Navy Mine Clearance Diving Branch whose professionalism and expertise help to deliver outstanding results and exceptional customer satisfaction. We are excited about this arrangement with UXOcontrol.”

Lt Cdr Dann brings over 15 years’ UXO experience in the offshore industry and 26 years’ active service in the Royal Navy as a maritime mine warfare and mine clearance diving EOD specialist, and will become UXOcontrol’s EOD superintendent.

UXOcontrol combines the expertise and experience of its two parent companies: N-Sea, a leading survey and IRM subsea solutions provider, which delivers effective and cost-efficient subsea support services to asset operators and tier one contractors within the energy industry, while BODAC (part of the Den Ouden Group), a leading UXO risk mitigation company, is certified in historical research, archaeology, UXO surveying, identification and neutralising explosives in land and marine environment.

N-Sea CEO, Arno van Poppel, commented: “There is no doubt that UXOcontrol has been successful and this exclusive agreement with EORCA is all part of our strategy to be the go-to UXO solution provider."

Den Ouden CEO, Jeroen den Ouden, commented: “UXOcontrol has built an enviable track record of UXO survey, identification and disposal, offering its one-of-a-kind service to the UXO industry. Our partnership with the highly experienced EORCA team will accelerate our growth strategy.