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Free webinars reveal all you need to know about COMAH reports

Safety expert DEKRA explains the importance of the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) report, and how its series of free webinars can help businesses understand the requirements.
A series of free webinars about Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) reports will also cover how to integrate safety culture into a way of working and a state of mind. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

COMAH regulation was introduced in 1999 (revised in 2015) to ensure that businesses take all necessary measures to prevent accidents involving dangerous substances. Enforced by the HSE (UK), a COMAH report exists to keep people and assets safe and is required for all organisations that use or store specified volumes of hazardous substances.

COMAH reports are not always easy to understand, especially for non experts. Many questions can arise within organisations when it comes to a COMAH report. For example, how do you know which COMAH tier applies to your organisation? How do you make the report a ‘living document’ as is now required? How do you make the report useful and useable in practice?

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Safety expert DEKRA has compiled a series of free webinars to answer these questions:

WEBINAR 1: COMAH deconstructed - what you need to know

The HSE and Environment Agencies have developed their position and put great emphasis on a COMAH report being “a living document”.  This is important, but it is also a lot easier said than done. 

This webinar laid the foundations, detailing COMAH report regulation tiers and building understanding of requirements in each of the sections. The webinar has taken place, but a recording is now available here.

WEBINAR 2: Top tips to make your COMAH report a living document

Safety is only real when everyone understands it, everyone has a say in it and everyone follows it. Building on from COMAH Deconstructed - What You Need to Know, this webinar explores how to engage everyone in a company with the COMAH report.

The HSE now requires it to be a “living document” accessible by and understood by everyone. What are the fundamentals for achieving this?

The webinar will be held on the January 19, 2022 at 2pm. Registration available here.

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WEBINAR 3: Safety success - putting COMAH theory into practice

COMAH and beyond… Once the technicalities of COMAH are understood – how do you use the report to maintain drive? Human factors integrate the process, the plant and the people, allowing COMAH and safety culture to integrate into a way of working and a state of mind, not just a process.

This final session will introduce you to human factors and detail how to create a culture of care that builds on COMAH outputs and transcends your organisational safety.

The webinar will be held on March 2, 2022 at 2pm. Registration opens soon, watch out for it here.